Seattle, WA - On a dry Saturday evening in Ballard, Ian Tubbs was back to the podium by placing 3rd in the Cat 1/2 field behind Hagens Berman rider Ian Crane. The Lenovo team was active through the entire race. At various times throughout the race Ian McKissick, Wes Richards, Mike Hone, Patrick Stanko and Rad Cunningham all spent some solid time off the front.

The crowds were big and the peleton was flying fast through the cobbled streets of Ballard. The 4 corner course was dry and the Lenovo team was very agressive. Mike Hone made the main move of the evening with 4 other riders but was caught within ten minutes from the finish.

In the last final laps, Ian McKissick and Rad Cunningham both tried to make some moves but were also caught. Finally the sprint came down to a pack sprint and Tubbs was closing in on Ian Crane from Hagens Berman and Steven Beardsley from Gentle Lovers but ran out of road in the final meters. Tubbs was able to hang on for 3rd place.