Seattle, WA - It was the fifth race of the Cascadia Crit Series at the Brad Lewis Memorial. Mike Hone made the final selections with 15 minutes to go at the end of the 80 minute race with Russell Stevenson and Jason Allen.

Before the final move was made, Wes Richards, Patrick Stanko and Rad Cunningham were all active in the first 60 minutes of the race. Rad Cunningham made the major move of the day with a group of 5 riders including himself. The lead group managed to dangle up to 25 seconds up the road but were finally brought back later in the race. 

Legs were tired from the previous night of racing and Mike Hone made the final attack on the back straight. Jason Allen from Rubicon followed and the two went up the road. Russell Stevenson bridged across to the break and the three riders put their heads down and began to roll away from the chasing peleton. 

Soon the gap was a full length of the course and the laps were coming down. With 3 laps to go, Russell Stevenson took the $100 prime and was forced to ride at the front for the second last lap. Mike Hone attacked on the back straight on the final lap. Dropping Stevenson, but was not able to shake Allen from his wheel. Hone led out the sprint and was passed in the final 50 meters to fall short of his first win of the year. Hone placed 2nd while Stevenson was 3rd.