LIVERMORE, CA - Sunil Jagadish of the San Francisco squad put up a strong sprint to cross the line 1st in a field of 38 racers, giving him his first career win at the Wente Vineyards Criterium after a hard day of racing the previous day at the Wente Road Race.

The race started off with a high pace as expected. The pace started to further ramp-up as prime laps were being announced and riders trying to use the opportunity to break-away. The pack was like an angry bull not ready to let go of any riders. Sunil stayed at the front but wasn't interested in contesting the primes since he was racing conservatively to keep up with the ones with fresh legs. After multiple primes and resulting action, the field remained 'grupo compacto' in the bell lap when everyone started moving up to position for the sprint causing the field to be strung out thin across two turns. Sunil moved-up just before the last right hand turn leading to the long stretch to the finish and launched hard with 300m to go to take the win.