MONTEREY, CA - Jack Schluckbier of the San Francisco team finished 2nd in the CCCX MTB Cross Country race series in the Cat 2 35-44 field, after a challenging 25mi 2,500ft of climbing race in under 2 hours.

This was Jack's first race after racing at the Sea Otter Classic earlier in April. So over a month without riding dirt. After warming-up on the trails, Jack tuned his shock and air pressure, as the course was fast and furious. They mass started the parcipants and since Jack hadn't ridden this course in over a year, it was full of new faces and he had no idea who was in his group. His strategy was to really push hard the first 5 mile lap to test the other guys and see who were the strong racers in the group. After the first lap it was Jack and three other guys, who were in his group, but it turned out that two of them were racing in the 30-39 age category, but we pretty much traded off working off the front the rest of the race, with them getting a 3 minute gap on Jack into the strong headwind on the last lap. It was a long race, nearly two hours, 25 miles and 2,500ft of climbing. In the end, Jack finished in 2nd place 3 minutes behind the winner and a minute ahead of the 3rd place finisher.