HOOD RIVER, OR - Tavish Taylor won the overall GC after finishing 5th in the first road race, 1st in the time trial, 3rd in the crit and 1st in the final road race.

Stage 1 - 55 mile road race
Tavish had a simple plan - to stay near the front and make sure he is on any break-away that forms. After multiple attacks of which none stuck because everything was being chased and brought back, Tavish attacked after lap 2 of 3 on the climb and gained 30 seconds on the field. Unfortunately, his front skewer had come loose after the descent and had to stop to fix it and soon after that he dropped his chain. The pack caught Tavish and it came down to a field sprint. Since there was no 200m to go sign and not knowing when to start sprinting, Tavish had to make his move by watching others. He was the 5th person to cross the line.

Stage 2 - 19 mile individual time trial
This was a hilly course and being the 5th rider from the last to start, Tavish cruised through the first half of the couse comfortably, keeping a steady effort on the climbs. Towards the end of the 1st climb (20 minutes in), he had caught 7 people ahead of him. Tavish experienced some lower extremity pain possibly due to going out hard and had to ease-up to be able to hold it till the end. In the end, Tavish won the stage having caught and passed 14 people in 45 minutes. He got a 76 second lead and was leading in the GC.

Stage 3 - Criterium
This was a short 30 minute criterium and there were attacks right off the start. Zach Bowden stayed at the front and kept closing gaps and did a great job including winning himself a prime. Tavish nipped a Starbucks/SCCA racer at the line to win a prime. With one lap to go, he decided to go for it and chase down the young racer who was off the front and almost caught him but he managed to stay away till the line. Tavish finished 3rd with another racer passing him on his left.

Stage 4 - 71 mile road race
This stage had 3 major climbs. The race started off with a very slow pace. The field was looking upto Tavish and Zach to chase the two Starbucks racers who had got off the front and got a 90 seconds gap.

More attacks went out on the first climb and Tavish made his move to go for the KOM but unfortunately there were no KOM bonuses for the Elite 3 field. The field was strung out with the surges.

At the bottom of the second climb there are 20 people in the lead group and juniors start to attack. 8k from the top, the field is down to just about 8 racers. Tavish attacks and reaches the top and gets off the front knowing that he has another 25 miles to the finish. His lead grew to 3.5 minutes at the base of the last climb. He was hurting after those hard solo efforts to stay away.

Tavish won the final stage with a 2 minutes 36 seconds lead, winning the overall GC.