DAVIS, CA - Jack Schluckbier of the San Francisco squad won the 4th of July Criterium in the Elite 4 field after a 4th place finish in the previous 35+ Cat4 race.

Following the 35+ Cat4 race earlier in the day, Jack had about 6 hours to recover for the next Elite 4 race. Temperatures were well over 100F the entire day. He headed straight for the pool at his hotel to cool down and sipped his First Endurance Ultragen RS-Recovery drink after the first race.

Jack left for the next race (Elite 4) with 30 mins to start. He got in a good 10 minute ride to loosen the legs, and headed to the start-line. The moto-ref mentioned that the temperature was 106! His plan was to stay up front to stay out of any trouble. There were no serious attacks that stuck throughout the race and the heat was hurting everyone.

From the earlier race Jack knew he needed to begin his final attack to the finish a lot sooner. So with half-lap to go, he took off, and this caught everyone by surprise. He nailed every corner perfectly and since this was about his 50th time around the course he had a pretty good line picked out. With 2 corners to go, there was a crash behind him but there were still guys hot on his wheels. Jack took the fastest line through the last corner and powered his way to the finish! It was his first victory in road racing and in the Cat 4 field. Great way to represent the team!