VACAVILLE, CA - Near the end of cycling's road season many racers are contending for those last points needed to upgrade categories. San Francisco's Chris Esparza was amongst those needing points and achieved Category 3 status with a win at the Vacaville Gran Prix circuit race.

The entire race was filled with multiple attacks from the riders, but the peloton worked cohesively to quickly shut them all down. With 47 racers and a complex course, the opportunities to advance were limited. Esparza saved energy by not contending the prime laps in hopes that all attacks failed and the finish would end in a mass sprint. With 4 laps (4.5 miles) to go, the last of the attacks took place on the hill climb and forced the riders into numerous uphill sprints. Rounding the last turn there was hesitation within the peloton to start the sprint as the finish line was 500 meters out. Esparza jumped on the wheel of team Red Peloton's lead out and came around with 200 meters to the go for the win. This is Esparza's third win of the year and after seven races in category 4, he has earned the points needed for category 3 upgrade.