Audi riders Tyler Tangen, Ayden Young and Benjamin Peterson attended the USAC Talent I.D. Camp in Forest Grove, OR in late July. This one week camp is intended to help USAC identify talented U23 and junior cyclists. This camp is not a ‘training camp’, but is intended as a way to inform young racers on nutrition, pack riding skills, rider etiquette and off the bike recovery strategies. With that said, all riders have to do two time trial tests that help USAC identify a riders potential. One is a 5 minute uphill TT and the other is a 20 minute TT. They measure our wattage with a power meter or they have an algorithm that takes your time and weight and assigns a power number.   

Benjamin says that, “This camp was extremely beneficial to me because it taught me valuable skills on how to react when two riders come in contact while racing and how to react when a rider rubs the wheel in front of you. Having a controlled environment to practice these thing helped to make me a better bike handler which I will need as I progress through this sport. Having just upgraded to Cat2’s I feel that these skills will be really helpful in keeping my ​safe in the peloton.” 


Ayden Young describes that, “Despite it being my 3rd time going I still learned many skills not only for racing, but also living as a cyclist. The topics are widely the same each year, but each year you go you pick up more than you got the years previously. Topics included nutrition, bike maintenance/mechanic work, stretching, TT strategies, racing strategies and tactics, as well as a ton of bike handling skills both out on the road and in the grass fields at a local high school. Personally my favorite for every time I've been there has been the bumping drills. It is done on the grass in the field so if someone falls it isn't a huge deal, but it starts out as simple bumping of shoulders/elbows/bars and progresses into riding across the field leaning on your partner. Overall it is one of the best experiences for a developing cyclist. The coaches there are national class, and you really are learning how to be a cyclist from the best.”

Tyler Tangen reported that, “The camp is an awesome opportunity for any junior to develop more skills as a bike rider and make new friends. As a junior racer there are not many races or events that bring together a lot of juniors, so the camp is also a great chance to meet other racers around your skill level. Not only do you hang out with riders, you get to meet national level coaches and get your foot in the door with hopes to get selected to the Talent ID Camp. All in all it’s fun and a great experience.