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Pacific Raceways Road Race Series

Kent, WA 3/27-8/28 2018

Place Rider Category
8th  Sun Dang  1/2/3 

4/24 USAC Flat

Place Rider Category
1st  Yee Feng  1/2/3 
4th  Sun Dang  1/2/3 
10th  Changren Yong  4/5 
Place Rider Category
9th  Sun Dang  1/2/3 

5/29 USAC Flat

Place Rider Category
2nd  Sun Dang  1/2/3 
7th  Yee Feng  1/2/3 
Place Rider Category
6th  Changren Yong  4/5 

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Scheduled Events

Tour de Dung Series

Saturday, March 12 & 19, 2016

Two races in the rain shadow of the beautiful Olympic Mountain Range. Start/finish is across the road from the Dungeness State Park and Recreation Area. Each race awarded individually. The course is very flat GOOD surfaced roads (2-3 rollers) but wind frequently has been a factor usually out of the west between 10 to 20 mph. Course is the same as in years past. Finish on Kitchen Dick Rd. before the corner for safety reasons.

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